Coughing remedies : Best remedies you must know about

Almost all the people are looking for coughing remedies online: Cough is the most common type of chronic disease. However, it is equally painful. It is the result of irritants in the breathing passages. It is most common during the changing seasons and pollen season. People allergic to anything usually have to face coughing as the first symptom. As for the science of coughing, science has not yet invented some specific medicine only for coughing. So the best way to cure cough is homemade remedies for coughing.

As there are different types of cough; dry, acute, productive or chronic there are different types of coughing remedies. These dry cough remedies might be known as “old is gold” as these remedies were invented by our forefathers when there was less use of medicine and more use of natural products. Some of the herbal coughing remedies might be called as homeopathic remedies for coughing. The most famous homeopathic remedies are:

  • For dry cough: Aconite is the best for curing dry coughs. Belladonna is used from a long time to cure red and painful dry cough. Bryonia, phosphorus, spongia are the other best remedies for dry cough.
  • For productive cough: Kali bich and stannum are the best for productive cough with brassy sound and yellow secretion.
    A mixture of aconite, hepar sulph and spongia powder makes the best cure for all types of coughing.
  • Other homemade coughing remedies: Here is a collection of ten easy to make homemade coughing remedies. The best thing about homemade remedies is that they suit everyone and have no side effects. Usually medicines come with side effects, which is why people prefer homemade remedies for as much problems as they can solve with them. Coughing, sneezing, flu and cold are the most common diseases cured by such remedies.

Famous coughing remedies

Following are the most famous remedies:

1. Honey

Honey has many health benefits. It also holds medicinal value in our lives. For curing cough through honey, take 1 lemon juice and heat it in a saucepan. Add ½ cup of honey and 1 TBS of glycerin in it. Stir it till the mixture is equal. You can pour this mixture in a glass jar and take one spoon of it daily, till the cough goes.
2. Garlic syrup

Boil one or two pieces of garlic in water. Boil it until the color of the water changes. Once all the oil is released out of garlic, put the water aside to cool down. Add a spoon of honey for good taste and drink the Luke warm water.
3. Thyme Tea

Thyme tea is the oldest remedy for cough. Add 1 TBS of dried thyme in boiling water. The color would change. Strain it and drink it with honey or sugar, whatever suits you best.
4. Ginger
Dip a slice of fresh ginger into coarse salt and eat it as it is. Otherwise boil the ginger in hot water with honey in it and take a spoon full of it.
5. Aloe Vera gel
Aloe vera is mostly used for hair and skin. But there are many health benefits or internal benefits of aloe vera too. You can mix aloe vera gel with water to make it soft and consume it directly. Or mix the gel with honey and eat it directly.
6. Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is the best coughing remedies. You can take ½ tsp of apple cider vinegar with honey and drink it. Drinking apple cider vinegar alone would also help. However, honey makes the process easier and faster.
7. Rose hip tea
Rose hip tea is best for treating cough with yellow discharge. It soothes your throat and makes you feel better instantly. Adding honey in it would make it more beneficial for your husky voice.
8. Cinnamon

Boil some cinnamon in water. Boil it till the color changes slightly green. Then add a few drops of lemon juice in it. Stir it well and drink it. Drinking it warm would give the best results.
9. Olive oil
Make a thick paste of olive oil with chopped garlic or blend the garlic. Apply this mixture on the chest and put a hot water bottle on your chest. This would help in clearing the air passage. You can also take a tsp of hot olive oil and consume it directly. But mostly people don’t like it so the first option would do best for them.

The conclusion

All the above mentioned remedies would perfectly work for curing cough at home. Other than that, you can gargle with warm water. It also clears the passage and makes you feel better. Avoid eating spicy food as it would only aggravate your cough. Follow these coughing remedies and they would surely help you cure your cough at home.

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