Mirena Lawyers

Mirena attorneys may be all that stand between you and financial ruin. If you received a birth control Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) or intrauterine device and suffered serious injury, you face medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. Those losses are the responsibility of the negligent maker of a IUD birth control.

Side Effects and Complications

Mirena lawyers from our firm have the skill, knowledge and experience to press your case in the legal arena with a lawsuit. Such a Mirena side effects lawsuit can target Bayer, which manufactured the defective medical device and is legally responsible for complications and injuries.

Mirena injuries can include infertility, miscarriage, weight gain and serious infections. The side effect lawsuit also can include perforation of the uterus and the intestine, as well as abscesses, adhesions and expulsion of this IUD. They also can include migration of the IUD to other parts of the body beyond the uterus.

Additional negative effects which can be the basis of Mirena lawsuits include pelvic pain, headaches, irregular spotting or bleeding, vaginitis, breast tenderness, painful menstruation, acne, ovarian cysts, amenorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, which can be particularly damaging.

Some of these unwanted effects even can be life-threatening. Clearly, they can be the basis of a side effect lawsuit filed by our law firm.

Legal Fees

Will you have to pay legal fees to our lawyers? In truth, you will not. Our birth control Mirena lawyers work under what’s known as a contingency fee agreement, which signifies that they aren’t paid unless your case prevails, and then from the settlement amount.

Free Legal Consultation

How can you acquire help? You can simply notify our law firm, for starters. Then you’ll receive free legal advice in a free legal consultation, and you can speak with a female legal representative of our law firm if you wish.

If you then choose our law firm to represent you, we can provide you with one of the lawyer to file a Mirena malpractice lawsuit on your behalf. And such lawsuit is unlikely to go to trial, since most such injury lawsuits don’t go to trial but instead are resolved by negotiations reaching an out of court settlement.

Do the law firm’s sound like a good fit for you? If so, please call us or write us today about your Mirena class action lawyers by using this website’s online case review form.

We’ll promptly respond with support for your case, and soon perhaps you can acquire legal representation from among the experienced Mirena IUD lawyer at our firm.

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