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Known for its affordable formulas and stick figure commercials littering your favorite channels, Slimquick is a product line targeted specifically at women. They claim to be “scientifically developed” to address 6 of the major reasons why women have trouble losing weight or are overweight now. In short, it promises to attack your hormones, maximize rapid fat loss, and even provides you with a specific diet and exercise guide to maximize your results. The Slimquick Cleanse claims to eliminate toxins in the gentlest fashion, increase metabolism, improve digestive function, increase energy, cleanse the colon, and balance blood sugar levels.
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Can SlimQuick Really Do All That?

If you look at this product, it has no basis in reality. It has quite a few diuretics and a small amount of glucomannan, a soluble fiber. But it uses a proprietary blend, not even revealing the amount of the total proprietary blend. Some of its ingredients include green tea, senna, ginseng, lactospore, chaste, milk thistle extract, artichoke, tumeric, dandelion, cranberry, fennel, peppermint, and bromelain.

While these ingredients are great diuretics in some cases, and green tea actually could promote a higher rate of metabolism, they do not reveal the quantities! Green tea requires at least 400mg to provide weight loss effects, which is extremely unlikely here. So you are left with a bunch of diuretics that will force your body to drop water weight, but nothing else. And by nature, water weight is easily lost, but also easily gained. The most likely effect with this product is dehydration and 5 minute results.

But science and ingredient history aside, we want to hear from you. After all, regardless of what studies and scientists may say, it means nothing if it doesn’t work for you, or for that matter if it does work for you. So we have created its website to allow you to share your experiences about SlimQuick Cleanse, whether good or bad. We have received hundreds of testimonials and reviews already, and we look forward to future contributions. We have found that the most informative and useful SlimQuick reviews from consumers base their testimonies on criteria such as speed of results, price you paid, customer service experiences and overall value.

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